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古い着物を再利用したテキスタイルインテリアです。 細やかな技法を積み重ねて作られた着物地はどんな家具とも相性がよく、ステキな空間を作り出してくれます。また折り紙からヒントを得て着物に見立てることで、より日本らしさをお伝えでき、おみやげにおススメできる商品です。 すべて柄が違うため、お買い上げをご検討されている方はお問い合わせください。 MAME FUROSHIKI This type of cloth was traditionally used for wrapping lunch box(or anything you want to show respect to the recipient!) and is still used in this manner today. This wrapping cloth, known in Japanese as furoshiki, is doubly traditional as it is made from old kimonos and even folded to resemble a kimono. The employees of the company producing these beautiful mame furoshiki are mostly people with disabilities. Even if you have nothing to wrap, why not buy it as a beautiful wall ornament and a permanent memento of your visit to Japan?